How to become known on the Internet?

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Advertising is the mainstay of commerce. Nowadays, we have departed from conventional forms of promotion in favour of online marketing. The question is: what should you do to make yourself visible exactly where you want to be seen?

Landing Pages

A landing page is an effective tool for promotion and image building. Potential customers know what they are looking for, so finalizing the purchase is likely, especially if we make it as easy as possible. Give up rich graphic layout. Follow the rule of ‘less is more’ and concentrate rather on the contact form and specific information how to find you.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google’s paid advertising system. The idea is to pay for the results. You pay only when your ad is successful i.e when someone visits your page. With Google AdWords, your online visibility will increase, which eventually will result in attracting new customers.

Social Selling

Social Selling is the process of building relations between companies and potential customers. Relations encourage the customers to purchase your goods or use your services. For this reason, activities, such as providing valuable content, building your reputation (personal branding) or interacting with users (through organizing contests or encouraging them to comment on posts) are performed.


Re-marketing is about displaying advertisements only to those users who have already visited the page. They are the users who are interested in your services, but for some reason have not made the final decision yet. Advertisements are not forced on customers, which makes them more acceptable because the customer has already started looking at your information on their own.

With online marketing tools, you cannot only conduct promotional activities but also systematically analyze their results. Drawing conclusions is the first step towards success.

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Anita Żurek

Anita Żurek

Anita graduated with a degree in PR. She has an interest in media, online marketing and is an avid reader. Time management is particularly important to her and she cites Steve Jobs and Eric Emmanuel Schmitt as her heroes.
Anita Żurek

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