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We are excited to be joined today by Hannah Patel, Director of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, thank you for agreeing to speak with us. What advice would you offer brands who wish to expand into new territories? Honestly, when it comes to breaking into new markets, I think the best advice is that you need…

B2B Marketing Expert Interviews – Hanns Schempp

Joining us for our first (of many) B2B Marketing Interview segments is Hanns Schempp, Vice President of B2B Digital Marketing, Europe for Deutsche Telekom.     Please let me begin by thanking you Hanns, for agreeing to take part, we’re very grateful to gain your insight into some of the areas that interest you and…

17 Best Marketing Channels of today – part I

Exploring the Marketing Channels of Today In today’s fast-paced environment we often find ourselves mimicking what others are doing without always looking into the large set of alternatives out there. When it comes to generating traffic, leads and sales, the choices we make with regards to marketing channels have a huge effect. Most of us…