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Podcast Interview: Dr Paul Hammer, Founder and CEO – BIOMES

Our Managing Partner Edward Loades tracked down Dr Paul Hammer, Founder and CEO for Biomes, a biotec digital health company. Dr Hammer shared his expertise on how digital technology has helped to communicate complex scientific processes while significantly increasing the reach of engagement with audiences. Click play to hear the podcast now. Dr Paul Hammer CEO &…

Podcast Interview: Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder & CEO – Smaato

Black Cliff Media’s Managing Partner Edward Loades chatted with Ragnar Kruse , Co-Founder & CEO for Smaato – a global, real-time mobile advertising and app monetisation platform. Ragnar talks about the benefits of Smaato and how his company effectively reaches its target audience, its choice of marketing content and the importance of video on mobile devices…

Podcast Interview: Gregor Almássy, Director of Marketing – Huawei

Black Cliff Media’s Edward Loades chatted with Gregor Almássy , Director of Marketing for Huawei for Germany. Gregor talked about Huawei’s latest marketing and PR efforts  – the most effective strategies for consumer and audience engagement and what we can look forward to seeing from the technology giant in 2019-2020. Hit play to hear the podcast now! Gregor Almássy…

Podcast Interview: Olaf Lorenz General Manager, International Marketing Division – Konica Minolta

Black Cliff Media’s Edward Loades had the opportunity to pick the brain of Olaf Lorenz General Manager of Konica Minolta Business Solutions –manufacturers of industrial imaging products and solutions. Olaf kindly gave a run-down of the greatest challenges that marketing Managers are tasked with facing in today’s climate, as more businesses forge a path to total…

Podcast Interview: Sabine Elsner, Marketing Manager Europe – AudioCodes

Black Cliff Media’s Edward Loades caught up with Sabine Elsner, Marketing Manager Europe at AudioCodes, the global voice networking communications specialist – to learn which means of content marketing Sabine favours when engaging with Audiocodes’ target audience & the challenges that digitisation poses to the industry. Hit play now to hear the podcast! Sabine Elsner…

IP EXPO: Podcast

I attended this year’s IP EXPO, the UK’s largest and fastest growing end-to-end networking and infrastructure event at Excel, London. For anyone yet to attend this trade-show (which is open to both the IT industry as well as the general public), it is a bedazzling assault on the senses. The exhibition space has an immense…